The videos in this section provide video examples of appropriate administration of the K-3 Tejas LEE. An additional video also presents the proper pronunciation of the sound of the letters in the Spanish alphabet.

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Kindergarten Optional
Kindergarten Sections 1 and 2
Kindergarten Section 3
Kindergarten Section 4
Kindergarten Section 5
Kindergarten Section 6
Kindergarten Section 7
Kindergarten Section 8
Kindergarten Section 9
Kindergarten Section 10
Kindergarten Section 11

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First Grade

First Grade Section 1
First Grade Section 2
First Grade Section 3
First Grade Section 4
First Grade Section 5
First Grade Section 6
First Grade Section 7
First Grade Section 8
First Grade Section 9

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Second Grade

Second Grade Section 1
Second Grade Section 2
Second Grade Section 3

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Third Grade

Third Grade Section 1
Third Grade Section 2

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