Letter from the Tejas LEE Team

Dear Tejas LEE community,

As the school year continues, please be sure to take a look at the resources available to you through the Tejas LEE website. We also periodically post updates and new news for you to use as you assess students and plan instruction. We hope that you find the resources and materials useful and, as always, we welcome your input and feedback!

The Tejas LEE Team

All New Training!

You asked for shorter training modules, and we listened! There are now 14 45-60 minute modules available for training. We conducted 9 TOTs across the state of Texas this summer, training over 500 participants, and received wonderful feedback on these new modules and associated materials.

Four of the training modules focus on administration of the assessment at each grade level (K, 1, 2, and 3), and to better serve your needs, we included modules that address multiple grade levels in one training (K-1, K-1-2, K-1-2-3, 1-2, and 2-3). Additional modules include: Using Data to Group Students for Instruction (general and specific to each grade level), Administration of the Progress Monitoring kits (MPLP and MPLE), Analyzing Spelling Data and Grouping for Spelling Instruction, Understanding and Using the Intervention Activities Guide, and a Training of Trainers module for those needed to guide trainers to be on the Tejas LEE.

Each module comes with the Power Point presentation, trainer notes, presentation slides with space for notes, and an all new Participant Packet that summarizes key points, extends main ideas, and provides interactive activities to demonstrate understanding of the materials presented.

Watch How It is Done!

To assist in training new users of the Tejas LEE, or as a refresher for those who have used the Tejas LEE in the past, 25 video clips are now available portraying proper administration of each section and grade level of the Tejas LEE. To assist all teachers with administration of the Tejas LEE, we also created a Spanish Sound Pronunciation video that allows teachers to see and hear the correct pronunciation of the sounds of the letters in the Spanish alphabet.

How do I Use All of This Data in The Classroom?

Once you have administered the Tejas LEE, there are many useful materials available to assist you with using the data gathered and planning instruction. We have provided suggested criteria for RtI or Tier 2 placement, a grouping guide to assist with grouping students for instruction, grouping charts for each grade level to assist in placing students into groups for small group instruction; and grouping mats for each grade level to assist in selecting activities from the intervention activities guide to be used with small groups.

Want to Dig Into Spelling in Grades 1-3?

To begin, we have provided you with a quick reference guide for each grade level that outlines the alignment of the Tejas LEE Spelling words and the TEKS. Using student spelling data from the Tejas LEE, there are Spelling Charts (for each grade level and time point) available to assist with identifying and tracking individual student’s spelling errors. You can then use the Spelling Grouping Mat to place students into instructional groups for spelling, and identify/select appropriate instructional activities to be used with these groups. If you prefer to track individual spelling errors for your class on one sheet, Spelling Class Summary Sheets are available (for each grade level and time point) that allow you to track individual student errors for you entire class on one automated sheet.

Activities, Activities, Activities!

The Tejas LEE Intervention Activities Guide has a whole new look and includes over 300 activities available for use in your classroom. For 94 of these activities (denoted with the symbol in the Intervention Activities Guide), a Blackline Master is available on www.tejaslee.org for you to download, print and use in your classroom. More blackline masters and new activities will be developed this year, so be sure to check back!

Need to Make It Easier to Track Student Results with Paper and Pencil Administration?

We have updated and refined the Automated Class Summary sheets (in Microsoft Excel). If you administer the paper-pencil version of the Tejas LEE, using these class summary sheets will save you a considerable amount of time. These sheets allow teachers to enter Tejas LEE scores and automatically calculate D/NE/NI performance on each task, as well as overall class performance.

Do You Have a Letter I Can Use to Send Tejas LEE Information Home to Parents?

We have provided templates that can be used for each grade level to send information home to your students’ parents regarding their performance on the Tejas LEE. Each letter is provided in both English and Spanish.